Ground Instruction

Instruction given before and after flights,

as well as dedicated one on one academic


          $45.00 per hour

BEST! Membership

Become a member to get the best value.

With your monthly membership dues of

$60 / month, enjoy discounted hourly

aircraft rental rate, free instruction for

check-out, BFRs, and IPCs, and regular

training/flying tips                                                    

          $115.00 per hour

Better! Block rate

Purchase a block of 10 hours for a 10%

discount off of the hourly rate. 10 flight

hours for $1,215                                                    

          $121.50 per hour

Takeoff Aviation Prices

Rental pricing for our Cessna 172

Flight & Ground Instruction

Aircraft Rental Programs

Discovery Flight

45 minutes of ground instruction introducing you into the world of aviation, followed by a 45 minute introduction flight. You get the controls and learn the fundamentals of flying!         


"In aviation, if you want to end up with a small fortune...start off with a big fortune" - Old Aviation Saying

*Fuel purchased by the renter at other airports will be reimbursed at home field rate.
*Discovery flight pricing applies only to first flight per student

*All rates subject to change due to fuel and operating costs, with limited notification.

Ground School

Join Ground School and link our account for a discount on all Takeoff Aviation Flight and Ground Instruction                         

Scenic Flights

Enjoy the beautiful scenery for up to three passengers in the Washington D.C. and Norther Virginia Areas.  Flight restrictions apply over the D.C. area. Contact us for prices and conditions.               $180.00 per hour

Good! Hourly Rate

Rental by flight hour, including fuel and oil

          $135 per hour

Introduction / Discovery and Scenic Flights


Take Off Aviation
Manassas Regional Airport

Schedule an introduction into aviation to learn more about earning your Private Pilot's License and experience the thrill of flying! Also a great gift idea for a friend or loved one. Up to three passengers welcome, some restrictions may apply.

Flight Instruction

Professional flight instruction towards a

rating, proficiency, or airplane checkout.           

          $45.00 per hour